100% Dedicated to the Public Safety Industry

With a quarter century of experience and over 450 installations serving hundreds of jurisdictions throughout North America, FDM Software is a market leader in Fire/EMS enterprise solutions. The company provides powerful and flexible Records Management (RMS), Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), mapping and analysis solutions that help save lives and protect property across the continent. 

FDM is a privately held corporation with a long-serving, stable leadership team. Today, the founder, President Ed Colin is still the principal shareholder. As owner/operator, he is actively involved in daily operations and is in regular contact with our client base.

FDM is 100 per cent dedicated to the Public Safety sector with significant domain expertise in the Fire and EMS industries. We are a viable, self-financed company with conservative, planned growth employing over 40 staff in software development, client support, administration and communications. Staff turnover is minimal. We are proud that more than half our employees have been with FDM more than five years. Several of our developers have been with us 10 years or more.

Based in North Vancouver, BC, FDM also has offices in  eastern Canada and the United States.