FDM GIS Analyst Helps Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Create Strategic Master Fire Plan

GIS Analyst: Evidence-Based Decision Making for Public Safety

FDM GIS Analyst was integral to the analysis performed by Thunder Bay Fire to create their first five-year Master Fire Plan.

 “One of the high level strategic components of our plan is the Fire Station Location Analysis,” said Greg Hankkio, Deputy Fire Chief at Thunder Bay Fire Rescue. “The FDM GIS Analyst software allowed me to easily analyze historical incident occurrence data, demand zone population trends and population and household count data as it related to existing and recommended response coverage areas. Our analysis resulted in the strategic recommendation to relocate one of eight existing fire stations in order to achieve improved response coverage to the citizens of Thunder Bay.” 

About FDM GIS Analyst

Geographic Information System (GIS) software links geographic information (where things are) with descriptive information (what things are), allowing users to visualize virtually any kind of data. FDM GIS Analyst is a GIS application designed for viewing and analyzing data recorded in the FDM RMS from a geographic perspective. It provides tools to explore relationships, patterns, and trends that are difficult or impossible to identify through database queries alone. 

FDM GIS Analyst is also an application for modeling and mapping for improved decision making. GIS Analyst can be used to model scenarios to test various hypotheses and see outcomes visually. Rather than being limited to viewing how things are, users can envision how things will be in the future, based on changes applied.

GIS Analyst + FDM Data = Actionable Intelligence

“Using the GIS Analyst, a review of TBFR’s existing deployment was also conducted,” says Greg Hankkio. 

“We reviewed deployment related to existing response zones, specific to the type of incident, apparatus staffing, first apparatus on the scene and full complement on the scene. The result of this review will be operational changes to apparatus-specific response zones, apparatus-specific staffing and level of response to specific incidents. Our goal, as always, will be to provide an enhanced level of service.”

 “The FDM GIS Analyst produced results that were accurate and definitive, allowing TBFR to present with real confidence a plan that clearly identified achievable apparatus response coverage. It also allowed us to make recommendations for improvement to specific areas of The City of Thunder Bay.”

A copy of the Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Strategic Master Fire Plan can be viewed here.

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