Our Vision

Our Vision - Putting the Power in Your Hands

Building on the vision of previous versions of FDM, FDM constantly strives to make it easier to build and manage modular, business-focused applications for Public Safety, specifically focusing on the needs of Fire and EMS agencies.

Built on the rich capabilities of the Microsoft .NET Framework and relational databases, FDM provides tools and pre-built components that help IT departments quickly customize and deliver solutions to their staff on the front line. FDM is a family of layered software products providing advanced solutions, full customization and complete integration across product lines.

Unparalleled Flexibility

FDM products store business logic in the database – not in program code – resulting in unparalleled flexibility and simplified deployment. Changes to business logic are immediately available to all connected devices on all platforms. Administrators can focus solely on business requirements and rules, allowing FDM to focus on the technology including all the different user experiences and platforms present today and those that will emerge in the future.

Quick Deployment

This means that FDM can implement new advancements in user experiences (Rich Internet Applications, mobile phones, touch, gestures, deep zoom and voice) that Clients can deploy without having to make changes to their business rules. Clients can simply update and enjoy. Having business logic defined in one central place also ensures that data entered from any device is correct and consistent.

Easy to Use

FDM enterprise solutions provide a modern, fully configurable, auto adapting user interface including a default KIOSK mode that simplifies the end user experience. FDM KIOSKs allow end users to interact with the application using a visual interface similar to those found at hotels and banks.

As security is paramount, FDM solutions include a set of security roles, based on positions normally found in Fire Departments, such as “Fire Fighter”, “Battalion Chief”, “Captain”, in addition to workflows for changing product specific configuration options and a default set of menus tailored for each role.

Future Proof

 FDM provides consistent framework services, forming the basis for new FDM products such as FDM Business Analyst and FDM Mobile Inspections App.