FDM Analytics: Business Intelligence Dashboards

FDM Analytics help you find the gold in your data. Instantly. Without IT support.

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You know the mountains of data collected from multiple sources in your FDM RMS contain the rich detail you need — to view response times against national standards, to best allocate resources, to prove to City Council that you need what you’re asking for. But without specialized tools, you struggle to extract and understand this valuable data.

FDM has worked with fire agency experts like yourself to build a set of Incidents, Inspections and Training reports that tell you what you need to know, instantly. You can drill down for more detail with a single click and export to common file formats. And graphical representations of your FDM data are easy for staff at all levels to grasp - from Battalion Chiefs to Captains to City Council.

Incidents Dashboards

Battalion Chiefs Need:
  • A high level view of all incidents by response area.
  • The ability to drill down to spot problems, and take immediate action.

The Incident Dashboard below takes data from your FDM RMS database and displays a High Level Fire Incident Overview by Response Area. You can drill down immediately to learn more about potential problem areas.

QV_Incident.JPGSample Incident Dashboard

Inspections Dashboards

Front-line Officers Need:
  • A comprehensive and integrated view of inspections data.
  • The ability to identify trends by status of inspection and inspection item.
  • To review property summaries and drill down to see patterns in violations.

The Inspection Dashboard shown below takes data from your FDM RMS database and displays Property Data by Class, Occupancy and Response Area. Monitor violation trends, evaluate resource scheduling, and drill down immediately to learn more about potential problem areas.

QV_Inspections.jpgSample Inspection Dashboard

Training Dashboards

Training Officers Need
  • A snapshot of training completed for a specified period of time.
  • A quick understanding of competence by Subject area for each Division, Hall or Station.
  • To demonstrate that personnel is meeting NFPA or Department-specifi c requirements for ongoing training.
  • The Training Dashboard shown takes data from your RMS database and displays time spent training by Subject, by Hall or Station, and by type (in this case Certificate training, but which could show Competency training or Skills Maintenance training).
  • Ensure your agency is on track for meeting NFPA or Department-specific requirements for training, and identify gaps where
    more training is required.
  • Drill down to see details about individual Personnel.
Training_2.pngSample Training Dashboard