FDM GIS Analysis

With ESRI’s ArcGIS® technology at its core, the GIS Analyst's interactive map display provides the analyst and decision-maker with real-time RMS and CAD data for better decision-making. FDM’s customizable framework combined with ESRI® GIS technology provides the most advanced integrated spatial functionality in the public safety industry today.


  • View and analyze data recorded in the FDM RMS from a geographic perspective with minimal time and effort.
  • GIS Analyst tools enable you  to explore relationships, patterns, and trends that are difficult or impossible to identify through database queries alone. 
  • FDM GIS Analyst is specifically tailored  to meet the needs of public safety agencies.

"In October 2011, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue (TBFR) presented the departments first ever Strategic Master Fire Plan to City Council, approved as TBFR's guiding document for  the next 5 years. Using the FDM GIS Analyst software, the Fire Station Location Analysis resulted in the strategic recommendation to relocate one of eight existing fire stations in order to achieve improved response coverage to the citizens of Thunder Bay. The FDM GIS Analyst produced results that were accurate and definitive, allowing TBFR to confidently present a plan that clearly identified achievable apparatus response coverage and also to make recommendations for improvement to specific areas of The City of Thunder Bay."
- Greg Hankkio, Deputy Fire Chief, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue


  • Use GIS Analyst to identify where emergency events may occur due to existing vulnerabilities in your community. Public safety analysts and emergency responders alike can then spatially interpret the data to develop prevention plans, mitigate any harmful conditions and improve emergency preparedness.
  • The user friendly mapping interface spatially displays complex data for in-depth analysis. 
  • Intuitive wizards walk users through proximity and statistical analysis for resource planning or improved Standards of Coverage. 
  • Visually display point data frequency with the Hotspot Wizard.
  • Use the Response Wizard to calculate What If and Station Zone polygons based on a user-defined time, or analyze new zones with First In scenarios.
  • The user-definable map set up and customization features tailor workflows to your agency’s requirements. 
  • Built-in flexibility ensures modifications are easy to implement.
  • Custom GIS editing and analysis tools create views ranging from simple to complex. Agencies can define map projections, hydrant and parcel search radii and plot database locations, as well as create scenarios to simulate real-time response rates in the field. When a geo-coded location is altered, built-in spatial integration simultaneously refreshes related windows (Response Wizard, map, property and hazmat controls). 
  • When defining new reports, you can change the visibility settings for individual layers and enable/disable layer(s) with the Global Annotation feature. You can print reports, send projects to other work stations or users and/or share data with third-party mapping applications.
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