FDM Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

FDM Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)  was purpose built for Public Safety professionals, with single-click access to mission-critical info that speeds response time and saves lives.

FDM CAD is a fully integrated, real-time mapping and data entry system that allows Fire and Emergency Service (EMS) agencies (single to multi-jurisdictional) to prioritize resource assignments quickly during emergency responses.

Instant Information Access
  • Dispatchers can access property, contact and HAZMAT details from the integrated Records Management System for the most effective pre-arrival preparation possible.
  • Built-in support for ProQA™ and FDMTriage speeds decision making. Custom FDM interfaces to tri-service applications, TDD/TTY, mobile data, paging and station alerting, as well as radio and push-to-talk provide a single point of access for reliable, up-to-the-minute information.
  • Dispatch from embedded map files by simply double-clicking in the appropriate location. FDM CAD validates addresses in real-time against your geocoded map data or ESRI®'s nationwide geocoder and identifies potential duplicate calls based on location, response zone and incident type. It also automatically identifies any property cautions, hazardous materials, zone and street segment cautions associated with the incident location.
Optimize Resource Management, Increase Operational Efficiency
  • FDM CAD's user-friendly interface is fully customizable. Dispatchers can customize their desktop to suit their needs, including user-defined field labels and color coding. Save time with optional command line, mouse and shortcut keys and build custom reports with ease.
  • FDM CAD can separate the roll of the call taker from dispatcher so additional information is time-stamped and automatically relayed to dispatchers and responding units. The system can also separate the role of dispatchers based on zone or agency type.
  • Expand your decision making and response capabilities with:
    •  Mobile CAD, 
    • Automatic data feeds from alarm systems, 
    • ANI/ALI controllers and AVL to determine best routing. 
  • FDM's response logic allows your agency to refine the CAD algorithm to meet your agency's requirements. Dynamic unit recommendations match these requirements (based on incident type, response zone and alarm level) with units currently available to respond to the call.
Unparalleled Integration with 911 Systems
  • Only FDM retains all fields provided from your 911 system – including building info – giving you the most detailed location information possible. You know exactly where to go, you get there faster, and you'll know who to bill for the response.