Mobile CAD

FDM Mobile CAD Now Runs from FDM RMS - You Don't Need to Own or Use FDM CAD!

The FDM Mobile Data System (MDS) is now available to clients using FDM RMS. Routing and mobile access to property data have been available as a complement to CAD for some time and now RMS clients can enjoy the same benefits of having easy access to critical information when responding to events. 

In addition to putting critical details such as Hazmat and PrePlans at your fingertips during a response, the new MDS also offers inter-crew communications, providing additional means for crew to communicate during an event, while reducing radio traffic.

The FDM MDS map has a similar look and feel to common satellite-based navigation systems, reducing training time significantly. 

The user-friendly FDM MDS provides the following key benefits:

  • Immediate access to detailed property information.
  • Delivery of critical incident and preplanning information to responding units.
  • Integrated mapping and turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Robust handling of interruptions of wireless coverage.
  • Ability to have different views and forms for different users, based on security.
  • Night viewing color scheme.

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