FDM Records Management System (RMS)

 FDM RMS  is the most comprehensive solution for data capture and reporting used in the Fire and EMS industry today. With its modular design and innovative functionality, the FDM RMS offers users a wide range of tools, varying from reporting incident data to managing personnel.

Manage Information

  • The FDM RMS user interface is standard across all modules, increasing data entry accuracy. 
  • One-click access means that information fields completed in one module are shared throughout the application eliminating redundant data entry. 
  • Graphic wizards guide users through data requirements and reporting features step-by-step. 
  • Customization options allow clients to create or modify forms and reports and record additional data by adding columns to FDM RMS tables.

Analyze Data

  • FDM RMS is a complete "off-the-shelf" application that manages daily operations for most departments, including standard forms and reports for Fire and EMS agencies.
  • Integrated modules are designed to grow with your agency in either a metro or multi-agency setting. 
  • FDM RMS automatically integrates with FDM CAD or your agency's existing computer aided dispatch system to expand your database capabilities. 
  • FDM's Integrated mapping and full powered report builder provides unmatched data analysis.

Plan and Report Efficiently

  • FDM RMS provides enhanced reporting tools to proactively manage staff and agency assets. 
  • FDM has extensive experience interfacing to third-party applications for seamless data extraction and analysis. 
  • Application flexibility enables agencies to optimize the RMS value over time and strategically manage workflows to suit business requirements.

View Your Data for Greater Insight

  • Fully integrated with ESRI® GIS, mapping in FDM RMS allows your data to be represented spatially, revealing groupings and relationships that are not obvious in a standard data view. Users can combine Emergency resources, zone boundaries and topographic data into one display on the map for an instant snapshot of all the resources in a specific area.
  • Another key benefit of mapping is that you can import data directly from the map files to populate your database or integrate custom shape files. This eliminates data entry and creates a valid address base within your database at the same time.

FDM RMS Modules

Offering unparalleled tools for managing all aspects of your daily operations, FDM Records Management System (RMS) is the most complete software suite available to public safety agencies today.

Built on powerful FDM technology, the system uses a flexible architecture that is configurable to meet your agency's requirements today - and in the future.

FDM RMS is a Complete Modular System

Integrated modules share key system features such an intuitive user interface, customizable desktops, powerful querying tools and built-in reporting and analysis tools. Data is shared across all modules eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing the chance of error.

With installations in over 214 agencies serving 457+ jurisdictions across North America, FDM is a leader in Records Management Software for the Fire and Emergency Service (EMS) industry.

Unique to FDM RMS: Share a Single RMS between Agencies

FDM RMS has the unique capability of allowing multiple reporting agencies to share the same system, with restricted access only to records that belong to that agency.

This model provides enormous cost savings, allowing agencies to be a user on an enterprise system without purchasing and maintaining such a system.

Contact us now to learn more about FDM's unique ability to share an RMS between agencies.

Workspace Diagram.pngFDM "Workspaced" Solution - Multiple Agencies Share a Single Enterprise System