FDM Asset Management Module

FDM’s Asset Management Module (AM) comprehensively manages all department assets.


  • The FDM AM module dynamically tracks inventory stock levels by automatically increasing quantities in stock and decreasing stock levels when assets are used.
  • Fully integrated with FDM’s Stations, Apparatus and Personnel tables and the Preventative Maintenance Module, for full information flow and single-point entry of all asset related information.
  • Automates inventory records, requirements, maintenance procedures and uniform and equipment issues.
  • Maintains detailed equipment capital costs records.
  • Tracks ongoing asset location histories, recording on an event basis and keeping a history of all transactions.
  • Automatically differentiates between classes of assets.
  • Allows for user defined attributes for each class of items including cost, date of purchase, supplier, serial/model number, etc.
  • Tracks classes of items as durable assets, such as apparatus, portable equipment, SCBAs, etc. or consumable assets such as badges, medications, etc.
  • Assigns assets to an employee, apparatus or location such as a building or warehouse, and reassigns assets, such as from employee to warehouse. 
  • Provides the ability to:
    •  create user-defined forms.
    • query and create user-defined reports of any data.
    • bill for consumed assets during events, from an Incident report.


  • The Equipment module lets you execute the business processes required to manage your department’s assets. This includes automated tracking for equipment, supplies, as well as any key user-defined asset information such as style mode, manufacturer, etc. 
  • Permits viewing of historical data on each asset to spot usage trends and other key indicators.
  • Works with barcode devices for the most efficient inventory control.
  • Tracks invoices, including products received providing the ability to trace the cost of an asset.
  • Tracks asset groups as kits or containers to simplify maintenance in ambulance or apparatus compartments.
  • Integrates with other modules such as the Preventative Maintenance Module, allowing trackable assets to be scheduled for routine inspection without the need for duplicate data entry.