FDM Fire/EMS Incidents Module

FDM maintains incident reporting data through its NFIRS compliant Incident Reporting Module. The Incidents Module collects, stores and processes key information relating to all types of dispatched incidents.


  • Record complete details for fire and EMS incidents.
  • Record fire spread and exposure fires.
  • Record attendees, apparatus and equipment for each incident.
  • Compliant with NFIRS 5.0, State and Provincial reporting standards.
  • Record investigations, track evidence and fire setters.
  • Full integration with FDM CAD or 3rd party applications.


  • Fully integrated with FDM CAD or a third party CAD and other FDM RMS Modules, the Incident Module includes any number of user-definable data elements including location, responding units, personnel and response times. 
  • All attendee information is automatically transferred to the Personnel and/or Roster Module.
  • The Incident module maintains a comprehensive set of internal agency incident reports and provides automatic inputs to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), State and Provincial reporting agencies across North America. 
  • FDM's Incident Module also provides inputs for EMS-related incidents for patient care report completion.
  • The integrated Incident/Patient Care Reporting EMS Module can be used to generate custom reports, analyze information and identify patient care data that is required to make informed decisions concerning all aspects of pre-hospital care. 
  • The Incident Module is completely customizable to allow you to record only the data your agency or government requires.