FDM Inspections Module

The Inspections Module stores details about inspections on buildings and building tenants. The module is fully integrated with the Properties and Incidents modules so your agency can schedule inspections with easy access to all related information.


  • Quickly schedule inspections.
  • Customize inspection classes for specific property uses.
  • Print inspection checklists for field use.
  • Optional support for mobile inspections and access to property inspection history.
  • Generate standard reports and violation letters based on inspection results.
  • Specify rules that automatically schedule inspections and assigns them to inspectors.
  • User-definable violations library includes standardized narrative for national codes and standards.


  • Configure the Inspections module to fit your requirements by specifying rules that the system will use to automatically schedule the next inspection and assign it to an inspector.
  • You can also create unique inspections based on different building or property requirements.
  • Save time and standardize inspection reports and violation letters with standard violation narratives and streamline inspections by generating inspection checklists for use in the field.
  • Full integration with the Properties and Incidents modules minimizes data entry and error.