Mobile RMS

FDM Mobile RMS

FDM Mobile RMS has the same features and functionality as FDM RMS with a scaled-down user-interface to simplify field operations.


  • Optimizes narrow bandwidths by compressing and encrypting data.
  • Instant access to records, data and property information using wireless and offline options.
  • Extends the familiar FDM RMS desktop into mobile operations reducing training and implementation costs.
  • Retains FDM RMS's personal settings and data access permissions.


  • FDM RMS supports a disconnected mode to perform tasks such as property inspections, synchronizing updated information to the central database after returning to the office. 
  • It is also designed to operate in low bandwidth environments using standard wireless providers.
  • The scaled-down interface enables mobile users to quickly access, enter and report on vital information, resulting in more time to focus on the job at hand.