Equipment Inspections

FDM Preventative Maintenance Module

FDM’s Preventative Maintenance Module (PM) is an all-inclusive tool with wide-ranging capabilities to assist agencies with scheduling and tracking the completion of agency maintenance events.


  • Schedule maintenance to occur at predefined intervals based on days, mileage, or hours used (e.g. SCBA gear).
  • Track maintenance history or request services for assets.
  • Assign staff to complete maintenance tasks.
  • Record asset usage.
  • Log failed maintenance tasks and automatically schedule additional repairs.
  • View work assignments by employee, shift or station.


  • The Preventative Maintenance Module walks users through the process of planning inspection and maintenance schedules, creating user defined maintenance schedules for daily, weekly or monthly maintenance, assigning service requests and maintaining historical data for every maintainable asset in the agency.
  • As each maintenance job is completed, the Manager or Supervisor can record costs incurred, materials used and labor expended.
  • With its link to the FDM Asset Management Module, as well as full integration with FDM’s Stations, Apparatus and Hydrants tables, the Preventative Maintenance Module provides full information flow and single-point entry of all asset related information.
  • The PM Module is also linked to FDM CAD or your third party CAD for identification of required resources at emergency scenes.