FDM Roster Module

With its graphical representation of agency operational requirements, available human resources and current staffing schedules, Roster can be used by all members for day-to-day staffing functions. Data is readily available for advanced analysis.


  • Quick access to accurate scheduling information.
  • Manage attendance with work history records.
  • Automatically fill staff vacancies and vacation requests based on your agency’s specific requirements.
  • Set email to alert staff about changes.
  • Generate accurate single-page daily accountability reports in one click.
  • Export payroll-related information for use in your  agency’s payroll system. 
  • Data is readily available for advanced analysis: reduce cost and improve efficiency with strategic staffing.


  • FDM Roster is a customizable, integrated system for managing scheduling and staffing assignments. 
  • Roster simplifies scheduling by using agency business rules to recommend Roster members capable and qualified to fill vacancies, so your agency can save time, streamline staffing policies and allocate resources efficiently. All actions are logged in the system for future reporting and analysis. 
  • Agency Supervisors responsible for department shift scheduling can use Roster to track the state of a staff member at any defined point in their employment, view shift schedules, fill minimum staffing requirements for each shift and dynamically update Roster information to account for staffing changes and shortfalls. 
  • Supervisors can track customized “work events” such as on-duty assignments, staff vacations, training and sick leave. 
  • Agency personnel can use Roster to access a personalized calendar view of their shifts, events and off-duty requests in addition to creating custom reports. 
  • Full integration with the Personnel and Incident Modules for complete data flow and detailed personnel reporting.