FDM Training Module

FDM's Training Module manages and tracks internal and external training for all agency personnel, volunteers or the public on a wide range of training subjects. 


  • Schedule and track department training.
  • Record detailed training with standardized lesson plans and course content.
  • Record accumulated training hours and test scores.
  • Track credits for completed sessions and certificates.
  • Record attendance, performance evaluation, and accumulated training time by subject.
  • Integrated work flows guide users through tracking lessons and certificates for employees and volunteers.


  • Quickly organize and implement  training sessions with lessons, instructors, trainees, required equipment and materials, as well as relevant documents; book training locations. 
  • Standardize all content within the training module (lessons, requirements, etc.) streamlining the entire training process.
  • Agencies can coordinate with external training facilities to capture required training details and certifications. Records of attendance, performance evaluations and total personnel training time by subject for both internal and external training can be recorded for future reference. 
  • FDM's Training Module steps users through the process of tracking and managing lessons and certificates for each employee and allows convenient issuing of certificates to individual or multiple people. 
  • Certificates are user-definable and can represent local, state or federal training requirements. 
  • At a glance, administrators can see the completion status of any certificate for each employee and automatically issue a certificate once all requirements are met.