FDM Software uses a phased implementation approach. Each phase includes module installation and client training. Clients work with the software immediately, ensuring knowledge retention before rolling it out to end users. 

While requirements vary according to client business goals, FDM projects move through six primary stages:

  • Initiation/Discovery – Discussion with all team members and project stakeholders 
  • Strategy/Business Analysis – Parallel tasks that define the team’s strategy; agree on all business and functional requirements 
  • Education – Technical and functional knowledge transfer from FDM to the client’s administrator(s), trainers and users 
  • Application Configuration – System installation and configuration for the client administrator(s) to use the system on a test basis 
  • Readiness Assessment – Functional and acceptance testing for product and users 
  • Go-Live – Full deployment

The City requires at least one full time administrator (i.e. five days a week seven hours per day for the entire implementation). 

FDM's Project Manager

FDM assigns a Project Manager to work with the client from initiation to deployment and includes regular reviews and reports to ensure software issues are immediately dealt with. Given that the scope and environment for each project is different, FDM works with clients to develop a unique cutover process.

Our phased approach to cutover relies on sequenced modules implemented in each phase. Working with the client on cutover targets is designed to:

  • Meet the client’s requirements 
  • Have the least impact on operations 
  • Promote user learning and buy-in

This phased approach is reflected in the Project Plan document as a cycle. Each cycle incorporates training, technical troubleshooting and testing.

Getting Ready to Go Live

Cut-over testing tests application functionality in the production environment as well as competency of the system users so the department can identify, document and remedy any training that is missing for end user rollout.

FDM completes module-by-module testing during installation and system configuration. The client is responsible for load testing and system testing specific to their business environment. 

 During system cut-over, the old and new systems run parallel for two weeks to ensure no service disruptions.