FDM Administrator Training

FDM Administrator Training trains agency FDM Administrator(s) to customize and maintain their FDM system. 

Training Overview

In addition to customization and maintenance of the FDM system, the FDM Administrator is responsible for security, including setting up logins and resetting passwords.

Basic Administrator Training involves training system administrators to understand user functionality specific to the Records Management System (RMS) modules. Students then move onto Advanced Administrator Training which covers administrative functions such as customization, reporting, upgrades and security.

In addition, class participants define the required tables and pick lists for each module before FDM is used in a live production environment. All core RMS modules are covered, as well as FDM Utilities.


 Those training to serve as FDM Administrators should have advanced computer skills and working knowledge of MS Windows.

Length of Training

FDM Administrator training requires approximately eight to ten days. The timeline varies from client to client and is dependent on the number of individuals, resources and size of the implementation project.

Class Size

FDM Administrator training is limited to eight (8) students and a maximum of one student per workstation.