FDM Train-the-Trainer

FDM provides Train-the-Trainer Training (TtT) to agency designated trainers who will roll out the system to end users. 

Training Overview

TtT courses mirror the end-user basics taught during Administrator Training to ensure consistency between the two courses. This means Administrators are taught the same functions and TtT training is adjusted for the specific modules purchased by the agency.

Once the client has completed module(s) setup and built their end user documentation, TtT classes begin. Trainers receive instruction on end-user functionality as well as presenting to the end-user. These classes provide valuable feedback for the Administrators on functionality and documentation for future sessions.

FDM also provides lesson plans, tutorials and activities for trainees to complete on the training database. FDM also provides notes to properly equip Administrators for the classroom.


Trainers must be technically adept, familiar with departmental policies, procedures and inner business workings and be comfortable training groups of eight to twelve individuals. Ideally, they also have previous training experience.

Length of Training

FDM TtT training requires anywhere from one to three days per module.

Class Size

TtT training is based on a maximum of 12 participants per class with an optimum number of eight.